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+ Brady’s Way
Brady Slater was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as an infant which affected his ability to walk normally. He walked on his tip toes, with his feet pointed inwards and his knees touched. Although Brady would never let that prevent him from walking and even running, the necessity for a surgery to help correct his walk in order to avoid issues with walking later in life became clear. Thanks to Children’s Hospital and the incredible work of Dr. Robert Kay, Brady had the surgery that drastically improved his walk and his quality of life. Today, at 11 years old Brady is a Junior Ambassador for CHLA in order to help other children like him to be able to benefit from the crucial work that the hospital performs for children all over Los Angeles who are in need. As Junior Ambassador, Brady Slater and Irv’s Burgers would like to donate $1 from every “Brady’s Way” Burger sold to the Neurological Program in the Children’s Orthopedic Center at CHLA….. Brady loves Burgers more than anything and you’ll love it Brady’s Way!!